About Us

The Society of Model Shipwrights exists to encourage and support all those, from complete beginner to expert, who wish to construct ship models, dioramas and models of nautical equipment true to scale and to a high standard of accuracy and detail. It also promotes research and marine painting.

  • Models may be for operation on water or for static display.
  • There is only one constraint – models must represent either an original vessel or a generic type based on the best historical information obtainable.
  • Having due regard to the constraints of scale and, in the case of working models, the limitations of operating on water and in the wind and rain, any model must be a true scale replica in its overall shape and detail.
  • The Society welcomes construction of models in all materials, including wood, metal, plastic, card and paper.
  • It also welcomes models made or developed from kits, indeed it encourages beginners to start their journey in model ship construction via a simple kit of good quality.
  • Most recently, members have also been encouraged to produce and exhibit paintings of maritime interest.